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DRAPL Presents "CNEPC2019" on August 16th to 18th 2019. Event will be hosted by Eddie D'Orazio, Walt Morose and Adam Becker.  For more information about the event please click on the below link  "CNEPC2019"

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The Durham Amatuer Pinball League is an all-ages group of pinball players who meet every Friday for an evening of pinball. We are an IPFA sanctioned league but most importantly we are a fun league and encourage a friendly playing environment. Each event consists of two rounds of play with players grouped in teams of four. Players get to select one game each round to play with four games in total per round. Additionally, the performance of all players in each league outing is recorded and tracked to determine overall player rankings for each year-long season. At the end of the year/season the top ranked players compete in a tournament of champions to determine the positions of all players and the overall winner of the league for that season. World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) points are awarded to ALL players based on their final positions at the end of the season. Check out your scores at:   IFPA DRAPL League Scores